A Tribute to The Automatic Earth

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

The embedded video for today is entitled “A Tribute to the Automatic Earth” done by youtuber “Captain Sheeple” which he/she put together a couple weeks ago.  The audio I believe was taken from Stoneleigh’s presentation at a recent Transition Town’s conference in the UK.  The pics are taken from The Automatic Earth’s blog.

What I like about this particular video is it merges the analytical work that Stoneleigh & Ilargi do at The Automatic Earth, with a down-to-earth, human-centered purpose.  As Stoneleigh says:

“We’re very different than most finance sites because, quite frankly, most finance sites are all about exploiting the misery of others for personal gain.  So, water’s going to be really scarce – go and buy shares in the water company – then you’ll make a fortune when people are desperate.  That’s the kind of advice – it’s all  about investment and making money.

We’re trying to help ordinary people rescue what they’ve worked so hard for all their lives from the grip of the system – so that ordinary people get to keep some of it.  Why should it all disappear into a giant black hole of credit destruction? Why should the bankers get it all?”

There are many more pearls of wisdom in the video.  Definitely worth checking out.


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