Crash Course – Chapter 1

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Crash Course
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I figured I’d go through Chris Martenson’s “The Crash Course” in installments (of 1 or 2 chapters per post), add some commentary, as well as some resources for further research.  Also, I’ll be drawing implications from the information presented by Chris, and work them into the evolving conceptual model for Catagenesis as an adaptive capacity building response for innovative entrepreneurs (more on this later).

In this first video, Chris discusses the difference between facts, opinions & beliefs and the importance of being aware of the difference between these.  So, Martenson goes right into describing his beliefs – which I completely agree with. Good analysts & commentators generally do some sort of an “epistemological framing” at the beginning of their argument.  The reason for this is to be upfront about intentions, so as to avoid misinterpretation of the data or the message being communicated.  Chris’ epistemic framework is a-ok with me – he has a PhD in toxicology – so I know he’s looking at these issues objectively (but aware of the subjective realities as well).

With that said Chris identifies 3 beliefs that he has come to after analyzing the interaction of the 3 E’s – Energy, The Economy & The Environment:

1.  The next 20 years will be completely unlike the last 20 years & massive change is already upon us.

2.  It’s possible – possible – that the pace and/or scope of change could overwhelm the ability of our key social and support institutions to adapt.

3. We do not lack any technology or understanding necessary to build ourselves a better future. Rather, we only lack the political will,

“The the good news is that we already have everything we need; the bad news is that we might not deploy it fast enough.”

I agree with what Chris says, and will expand upon his work in my own work.  I hope to get a bit more practical – in terms of entrepreneurial strategies & adaptive capacity building responses.  But this will probably be after I’ve finished posting chapter of The Crash Course.


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