Matt Simmons – A Peak Oil Pioneer Passes

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Key Works & Thinkers
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On August 8th, 2010, long-time energy industry veteran and Peak Oil educator Matthew Simmons passed away.  Simmons was one of the first names I picked up on when I first learned about Peak Oil back in 2007.  After having watched the documentary “A Crude Awakening” which had several minutes of interview footage with Simmons, I realized that this guy knew his stuff.

The more I dug into Simmons’ work, the more I knew that this was someone worth paying attention to.  Surely, as many have pointed out, Simmons was outspoken on a lot of things, sometimes to the point of hyperbole, but this should not discredit the immense amount of valuable work & advocacy that Matt Simmons did to raise awareness of Peak Oil.  His book Twilight in the Desert remains a Peak Oil classic to this day.

Personally, I know that I will miss his leadership, even though I never met the man.  If there was one thing that Simmons did extremely well, it was that he was an honest student of energy-issues.  Unlike so many others, Matt Simmons studied the data carefully, and didn’t shy away from openly discussing the implications of that data.

The fact that Simmons, who probably had as good a grasp on the global energy industry as anybody, spoke out so vociferously about Peak Oil, and more recently the potential for ocean energy, is a great inspiration.

Additional Resources:

Financial Sense Newshour Tribute to Matt Simmons (link – tribute begins @ 17:50 mark):

From FSN Description:

“This week Jim Puplava will offer a special tribute to Matt Simmons, including clips from a number of Matt’s interviews on the Financial Sense Newshour. Jim will explain how Matt opened his eyes regarding the global threat of Peak Oil, and how it changed the way he looked at a world hooked on cheap fossil fuels. Matt’s explosive 2005 book, “Twilight in the Desert” debunked Saudi Arabia’s claims of vast untapped oil reserves. Matt Simmons’ contributions will continue to live on and hopefully will help awaken a sleeping world.”

The Ocean Energy Institute (link)

Papers, Speeches & Presentations by Matthew Simmons (link)


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