“7 Billion” by National Geographic

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Below is an excellent animated short about the current global population situation by National Geographic.

Although nobody really likes to talk about it, a lack of discussion on the topic of human population & ecological footprints is probably not a wise idea.  It’s a good thing to see National Geographic continuing to raise awareness on this critical issue.  I don’t profess to have the ethical training or understanding to really discuss these issues, but I’m at least trying to educate myself on the nature of the issue.

A line from the video: “It’s not space we need, it’s balance.”

Whether your a globalist banker talking about the need to balance the international trade & monetary system or an ecologist talking about the planetary balance of fragile & dynamic planetary systems – the big question for me at least, is, given that we (almost certainly) have overshot a variety of limits in a variety of ways, how do we get these systems back into balance? Will the process be fair, equitable and smooth or will it be cut-throat, nasty & chaotic?

I’m hoping for the former, but wouldn’t be surprised if it was the latter.

At the very least, we’re in for an interesting remainder of the 21st Century.




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