Chris Martenson & Dan Ariely on Behavioural Economics

Posted: January 6, 2011 in Brain Sciences & Psychology, Finance, Economics, Money
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Chris Martenson just released a podcast where he interviews the popular behavioural economist, Dan Ariely.

As you may have noticed from some of my previous posts, I’ve taken a keen interest in this issue of “human nature” and topics such as psychology, cognitive bias, behavioural economics, and so on.  It seems only prudent that if you want to know what might happen in the future – you really have to (try to) understand human beings in all of their magnificent glory & tragic stupidity.

I’m glad to hear that Chris Martenson will be drawing upon the insights of behavioural economics in his future writings.

To quote Martenson:

The resulting interview is full of fresh, non-intuitive insights and shines light on how the human brain is often hard-wired for irrational action when it comes to money

…If you’re not acquainted with it already, the perspective offered by behavioral economics is a valuable addition to add to your world view. We’re definitely planning to look through its lens more often going forward.

And here’s the podcast – “Dan Ariely Decodes Why Humans Are Hard-Wired to Inflate


– a.j.m.

Additional Resources:

Back in September, I embedded a series of videos of Nate Hagens giving a lecture on the demand/behavioural aspects of the energy issue – “Energy Resources & Human Demand on a Full Planet” – start watching Part 2 around 8:30 (link)


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