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Embedded below is a series of youtube clips from a talk given by one of my favourite thinkers – Nate Hagens.  The talk was given @ the University of Wisconsin in April 2009.

I’ve said it before, but Hagens “gets it” better than almost everybody I’ve come across in my 3 or so years of pretty intense research on the various global threats in the 21st Century.  The reason that I think Hagens has so much to offer those of us who care about what’s really going on in the world, is due to the relevancy of his background & experience.  Having done his MBA in finance at the University of Chicago and then becoming a hedge-funder on Wall St., it was a significant change of direction for someone like Hagens to then go back to academia and study natural resources by pursuing a PhD in Ecological Economics.  Due to his understanding of finance, natural resources & human behaviour, I take what Hagens’ says as some of the most valuable commentary available on the net.

Check out the videos below to get a good big picture overview of the supply & demand side factors relevant in the Peak Oil/Limits to Growth debate.


A great interview with financial rabble-rouser Max Keiser – and up and coming wide-boundary macro analyst Damon Vrabel.

“The ideology is just global control…it’s this quest for power…i’ts pure narcissism it’s the most destructive form of pathology that humans have…it’s narcissism, a need to dominate and control and have power over everything else. That’s what driving these wars…and folks in the military need to recognize the fact that they are working for this corporate empire.”