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Below is repost of a concise, yet powerful post from a site I recently came across and recommend checking out – The Art of Living.


(Originally published in ‘The Art of Living’)

A centuries-old Japanese tradition among Zen monks and Haiku poets is the jisei, or death poem, written when on the verge of dying; the idea being that in the final moments of life, these thoughts on death are especially lucid and so are also important reflections on life.

During his last moments, Shinsui’s followers requested that he write a death poem. He grasped his brush, painted the image (above), and died.



I love this short film entitled “Fallen”.  In just a 4 minute clip of a “meteorite/creature” plummeting towards the earth – the producers & animators do an incredible job of portraying some key insights into the human condition.

From the vimeo description:

“A little meteor learns the biggest lesson of life on it’s way down to earth. ” 

Realized by Wolfram Kampffmeyer and myself.
Compositing by Sebastian Nozon.
Music and sound design by David Christiansen.

Produced by Stina McNicholas at Filmakademie Baden Württemberg.

And from a fellow blogger reviewing the short film (h/t GRCP 101 blog):

This short film is only just under four minutes long. It is called “Fallen” and is about a meteorite that comes to life. The short film follows his path from outer space to the ocean. As soon as he hits the atmosphere he comes to life. At first he seems to be in awe and then he seems to be trying to figure things out. After he has been falling awhile he sees the ocean below him and becomes afraid. He tries to stop falling and climb back up, but of course fails. After he falls some more he starts to get used to it and starts to enjoy it.

Once he starts to enjoy it he starts flying around clouds, going in spirals and diving strait down. As he gets closer to the ocean he seems to know that it is about to end and seems to be at peace with it. He eventually hits the ocean and stops moving as the water cools him. I can only assume that it is the end of him because he is no longer able to move.

It is fun and interesting to see him experience falling down, going from being in awe, to afraid, to happy, to being at peace with hitting the ocean. I think the authors did a great job of showing all of the emotions the creature was going through.