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I’ve heard of V.S. Ramachandran before, but I’ve never actually read or seen any of his work.

I’m glad I changed that.  Below is a talk that Ramachandran gave at a 2009 TED Talk in India.  Ramachandran is a Professor of Psychology & Neurosciences at the University of California at San Diego.

I particularly like how he brings in the discussion of mirror neurons and ties it into Eastern philosophical principles of non-duality.  He calls mirror neurons “Gandhi neurons.”

Definitely a great, info-packed talk by an influential mind on a very important topic.


Cutting edge research on neural networks & cognitive neuroscience.  I’ll try to revisit this at another time in more detail, but for now just wanted to share the video.

I find it amazing how few people take an interest in how their brains work.  We all have one.  Not to mention that never before in history have we had so much knowledge and technology for gaining knowledge about the brain.  The findings & implications of modern cognitive research are enormously broad and, in my opinion, prudent to be aware of.

The fact that modern cognitive research has such far-reaching & wide-boundary implications is why I’ve taken an interest in it here at the Catagenesis blog.  Researchers like Sebastian Seung and others who are mapping neural-networks and studying the brain have a lot to offer those of us looking for a more holistic understanding of the way the world works and our place in it.