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In the following report written by Richard Heinberg and sponsored by The Post-Carbon Institute, the real issues facing our energy future are laid out for all to see.


In terms of what Chris Martenson discusses, the concept of materials scarcity falls under his 3rd “E” – the environment. Regardless of what category you lump it into, materials scarcity is an absolutely crucial factor in understanding the complex constellation of tectonic forces impinging upon us today.

For that reason, I’m happy to share with you the following report done by the Materials Innovation Institute entitled “Material Scarcity – An M2i Study.”

Many astute commentators from academia, to the intelligence & security communities, to the finance & investment community, and many more, are studying the science & implications of material scarcity.

The really good analysts, really aren’t even analysts – they’re synthesizers, connectors, integrators. These are the Nate-Hagens’, the Chris Martenson’s, the Donna & Dennis Meadows’, the Charlie Hall’s and the George Mobus’, the Noah Raford’s, and the John Robb’s of the world. These guys & girls “get it.” They get a very important ecological principle, namely, “that you can’t do just one thing.” What I mean by this, is that these people and others like them, understand that complex problems cannot be understood by limiting the scope of ones lens. In order to understand this Mongolian Clusterfuck, a wide-angle lens & systemic perspective is required.

This report sheds light on a very important part of the complex problems we now face – namely, material scarcity.