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I’m finding that Wordle does a great job when it comes to helping me see patterns & associations in information. This is not to ignore the importance reading the information of course, but rather to see connections between dots in a new way. It’s one of many different tools I’m exploring to help me temper information into knowledge which I then try to polish into pearls of wisdom.

I created the image below using Chris Clugston’s “On American Sustainability – Anatomy of a Societal Collapse” as the feedstock.  It’s an eye-opening read if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of doing so.  Check out Clugston’s writings here.



As I’ve probably mentioned before, and will in the future – John Robb’s work is at the bleeding edge when it comes to thinking about the novel problems of today in novel ways.  Check out his work at the Global Guerrilla’s blog here.

His work on resilient communities & all of it’s associated possibilities & shortcomings – is fascinating and influential in the context of the notion of catagenesis.  It seems as though, as pressures mount and the cognitive dissonance becomes palpable, and people start asking about how else they could live their lives, then more and more people will recognize the advantages of resilient communities (probably following a Pareto/Power-law-type distribution).   From the perspective of catagenesis, breakdown in the current structure of socio-economic organization will lead to a phase-transition into alternative forms of socio-economic organizations – one viable option likely being resilient communities.

So, if catagenesis is the transmutation of of entropic forces in one domain, into creative forces in some other domain, how does one connect the breakdown of the modern middle-class lifestyle to a resilient community model?  That is the purpose of this blog – to explore these connections.  How can the notion of catagenesis be used in conjunction with phase transitions to stabilize or transform dangerous systems?  How can the notion of catagenesis be used to channel the forces of entropy in money/finance/economic systems, human & social systems, etc. into positive, creative directions (such as permaculture, renewable energy production, resilient lifestyles, etc.)

I’d love to hear ideas from any readers.  I’m new at this stuff.